“Drawing is very important” says Production Designer Dante Ferretti – Well there y’go…

Originally published Published February 9, 2003 in Movie World (Online)

Phillip Williams for Movie Maker Magazine:

If you were talking to someone who is on the path to becoming a production designer, what do you think are the most important things to know about set design and set decoration?

Dante Ferretti:

Drawing is very important, as is studying architecture. When you know how to build something well, then you can employ the fantasy. But you have to know reality first.

Fantasy is optional, but building things correctly is not optional! If you can combine fantasy with real knowledge of how to build, then you have something that others may not have. When someone says they want something from the 16th century, you have to understand how they did it—then you can use your sense of fantasy.”

Taking his influences from such early epic films such as: Hercules, Ben-Hur and Cleopatra; and the “scenographer” work of trailblazers such as Walter L. Hall (Intolerance), William Cameron Menzies (Gone With The Wind) and Cedric Gibbons (Julius Caesar), Dante Ferretti has worked on films such as Gangs of New York, The Name of the Rose, Baron Munchausen and Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain (for who he rebuilt a vision of Civil War-era North Carolina, not in the US, but in Transylvania) to name but a few, working with legendary directors such as Fellini, Franco Zeffirelli (Hamlet).

You should, if you have any interest at all in designing for film, games or theatre, be aware of this man and his work (and some of those other guys).

Dante Ferretti interviews:

Interview via Bafta Site

Interview (below) at MoMA – In Italian, with subtitles.

Name of the Rose – Trailer

On the architecture of the Novel and the Film.

On Beauty (a review) – Eco


Other Production Designers/Art Directors/Set Decorators of Note:

Aline Bonetto – A Very Long Engagement

Sarah Greenwood – Sherlock Holmes

Carey MeyerDavid A. Koneff – Firefly – The 10 Character

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