Animation Festival Entries Wanted – Stuttgart & Hiroshima…

For anyone with final films ready to go (and this includes those with animations created for games, architecture, fine art and real time media and wherever these crossover)… Stuttgart’s International Trickfilm Festival of Animated Film, which runs from May 8th to 12th 2012, is about to close its entry process (entries accepted no later than December 1st); see letter below.

Selected students can get accomodation paid for at the Festival for up to three nights it seems.

Entry forms and Regulations and more info about the Festival check the website at:

– For my students I have a copy of entry forms and brochure (below) in the New Media Studio – Take some time to take a look –

For those of you that can’t hit this deadline, there is The 14th International Animation Festival in Japan – Hiroshima ’12… And this one is not just for students.

The festival runs from August 23rd to the 27th and the Deadline for entries is April 1st (entries are accepted from Feb 1st) 2012, films entered are to have been made “Frame by Frame” (i.e. real animation rather than auto-tweened or stock-algorithm animated digital works) and submitted on 16mm or 35mm Film or on BetaCAM/SP Video Tape, with festival organisers highlighting a theme of “Love and Peace” (see letters below). For more info, check the website at

– For my students I have entry forms and details etc – again all held in the New Media Studio –

If any more competitions come to my attention, I’ll post them up on the blog.


~ by hesir on November 24, 2011.

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