Character Design – Pareidolia

Two differing groups of students are working with me on character design projects at the moment; my year 1 Animation Degree students, and my Year 2 Btec Extended Dip students.

Both as part of a larger look at the process of designing characters are taking on this little challenge that examines the phenomena known as Pareidolia as a creative tool…

Remember when we did it here as a Games Design tool?

Basically their task is to get out of the studio and look around them, at home, outside, wherever… and see if they can find and record 9 “character faces” where there is no character face…

By which I mean this…

I wasn’t even really looking for these ones… and 5 and 8 are both on the same device…

This might give them the opportunity to consider things like “athropomorphism” and “abstract” character design.

I added these above just in case you couldn’t make out what I was looking at in the photos and also to show you how the original capture can be developed… I’m definitely gonna be using that tweeting bird/lightswitch.

Oh and what about the 9th image?

…the one of the marbled tile? Could you make out anything there?

If you like this then you should also check out @_unbatondecolle from Twitter’s blog post called “Faceheads”… a great character generation idea (inspired by @johnmartz)

~ by hesir on November 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Character Design – Pareidolia”

  1. […] session relates to the session on Pareidolia and the generation of concept art from random gestural shapes […]

  2. […] likely that there is some evolutionary benefit to us being able to interpret random shapes as faces and or other forms of life as we are constantly seeking out faces and the meaning hidden in them […]

  3. […] 1 – In terms of starting points for imagery and characters we are looking at >THIS< […]

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