Quick & The Dead – mini TV serial pitch…

While walking into town with Sarah for breakfast and to pick up some shopping on Saturday we passed an estate agents sign by the name of “Quick & Clarke”

Less than ten minutes later we had fleshed out a TV drama series set in Victorian Edinburgh or Manchester in which Quick and Clarke were protagonist and sidekick in a typical “Other Job meets Detective” series.

Jonathan Quick, intellectualist undertaker and amateur alienist with his everyman ex-naval assistant Arthur (nod, wink to the geeks) Clarke find suspicious goings on with various bodies delivered to the morgue and set out to investigate and put justice back on her pedestal against those dastardly villainous Victorian types who threaten the empire with their evil ways…

We got stuck on the primary casting however… I’d tipped Pegg and Frost for the lead but had it rightly pointed out that Burke & Hare was a bit of a damp squib and not much of a comedy or a drama…

So in a bit of a re-think we decided upon Stephen Fry and Nick Frost. We also settled on Robbie Coltrane as a University doctor who the pair might consult occasionally… be great to see some great English comedy actors in series that would be a cross between Dexter, Rebus and “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr, it would be great with those kind of HBO/FX sensibilities in its production… definately post 9pm fare.

*Despite all the technological and medical advances of the Victorian world, the populace was still very much surrounded by death. Infant mortally was incredibly high, while life expectancy, especially in some of the major cities was frightfully low. In fact, in 1842 the life expectancy of a citizen of Manchester was an appalling seventeen years, his counterpart out in the country could expect closer to thirty-seven.
Read more at Suite101: The Victorian Funeral: & The Victorian Undertaker | Suite101.com http://joseph-allen-mccullough.suite101.com/the-victorian-funeral-a42187#ixzz1aewRI2TG

So, looking forward to seeing something similar on TV next year then… “Quick and the Dead”, perhaps written and produced by someone who now writes for Dr Who.

I imagine the titles would look something like a moving version of this (below) crossed with titles for “Carnivale“…


~ by hesir on September 26, 2011.

One Response to “Quick & The Dead – mini TV serial pitch…”

  1. Oddly I think the BBC did try something similar with a Arthur Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell investigating crimes in Edinburgh that had similarities or would influence Sherlock Holmes cases, it was called; ‘Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes’. There again, the Alienist deserves an HBO series.

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