#UrbanSketching Hull, Day 7 – George Street/Bond Street Area.

Hull’s #UrbanSketching group (see their gallery here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=o.128387023918707&type=1 ) met up again on Wednesday, starting out at the derelict building on Bond Street, and eventually taking on the beautiful interior of the Dram Shop, and than back out into the street again.

By the time I got there it was 9.45ish, ready for a 10am start, others where already here and working which was great to see…

Chris had already started on the Edwin Davis Building (a pseudo Art Deco Version built on part of the site of the spectacular original – seen here: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=985858&page=3 – that was demolished following bombing damage).

Eager to get started I promptly took a walk to the far end of Bond Street and took up a spot outside the Chinese Wholesalers on the corner of Union Street and Albion Street, and worked for an hour or so on this:

Probably one of my best efforts of the day… After that I walked back to the group with Dom as we had been invited to draw the stunning interior of the Dram Shop pub (or Wilson’s Corner as my father knew it) on the corner of George Street and Saville Street… Here are the guys waiting for me to go get the nod… (thanks again to Steph for letting us come in, and to your relief landlady for putting up with us arty types).

Looking forward to the Superhero/Supervillain versions of this image we’ve been promised by Shay (far left) and Lok Ian Leong (standing far right)…

The interior of the pub is beautiful in particular the over-the-top pillars and ceiling…

Its round central bar is also an ineteresting feature, with its brass elephant head features as brackets…

We seemed to churn out a fair amount of work between us in there… great fun…

I was particularly pleased with this image (above)… the drinkers eye view… laughs.

Dom sketching furiously…

Outside, taking a look at teh ornate carvings of griffons and other winged and clawed beasties on the buildings exterior and and excellent set of convoluted outfall pipes that you just couldn’t invent…

Then, still sat outside the Dram, looking across the junction to the building that housed the Old Romeo and Juliets nightclubs… Romeos, back in the day (my use of the place would have been from about ’86/’87 through to the early ninties…) was a great Rock Club… sadly missed.

Then across the road for a less satisfying drawing of the Dram itself… I intend to come back and have a look at this with a slightly broader composition, see the tiny thumbnail sketch at the bottom (above).

…and finally, the Tattoo Studio on George Street and surrounding buildings, this time from the front (you can see this from the back here – https://apopheniainc.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/zx-russian-police-building-00.jpg ) here with a little bit of muted colour thrown on in Photoshop.

All in all a pretty good day’s drawing and a good turn out again… seems like Wednesdays are definately the most popular days.

Where next?

Princes Avenue (Saturday 20th August) …to draw people and Cafe culture, and maybe an afternoon in Pearson Park… see you there.


~ by hesir on August 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “#UrbanSketching Hull, Day 7 – George Street/Bond Street Area.”

  1. Hi Gareth,

    I love this post, as you know I like your designs and artwork and I have a particular love of pencil sketches, and when there of my hone city, even better! Keep up the good work, hopefully catch at with you at Humber MUD next week. Cheers Neil

  2. Hi Gareth, its coreen from dram and college, got to do a 3 minute talk on this course i doing and thought about doing the history of The Dramshop, Wilsons Corner so ive come across drawings , fantastic,,,

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