Drawing & Mathmatics vs. intuitive problem solving: An Essay by Annalisa Crannell.

As synchronicity/the zietgeist would have it …”bioephemera“, the excellent art/science blog from Jessica Palmer, has a post talking about Drawing as a Learning Tool and the intuitive problem solving that happens during the process.

She cites Annalisa Crannell, a professor at Franklin & Marshall, and her great essay at Inside Higher Ed on the mathematics of perspective…


Palmer quotes Crannell’s essay in which she says:

We mathematicians tend to stare at the paper, hoping an answer jumps off the page at us. Artists pull out their pencils and start doodling, often stumbling upon a solution almost by accident. The artists have learned to overcome their fear of drawing something that is “wrong,” and so they become the first ones to draw a solution that is right. Another aspect of this problem I love is that, although there is only one correct answer, there are many different correct ways of arriving at that answer. In this way, the problem captures the essence of mathematical research.”

Read the full post at bioephemera and follow the links over at:


…and while you are at it subscribe to the blog, it’s a little bit of genius thrown into your day.

~ by hesir on August 8, 2011.

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