A Little Experiment in Visualisation… wanna help?

Okay, I’m about to engage in some research (hopefully) over the next few months primarily looking at Visualisation of Educational (and Subject Specific) Concepts for use with Art School Students.

My question to you guys is:

How do you visualise the week? Just the week ahead, maybe a few days beyond that… How do you see it in your minds eye? Do you see a physical representation of it? Does this concept/idea/thought of “the week” have form? Colour? Texture? Sound?

Am I being crazy? Do you not see a physicallity of the idea of the week at all?

Could you let me know? Take a look at the questions below; if you have time your answers would be really useful in getting me started on this project… Be as honest as you can, otherwise the point is gonna get lost.

1, How do you see the week ahead in you minds eye when planning or discussing the days ahead? (this should how you see it usually, not a new response to this question)

2, Would it be possible to illustrate or visualise this? (if so could you photograph/scan the image and attach it with your response?)

3, Are there any other aspects to this mental representation? Colours? Sounds? Smell? Associated images… around/behind or alongside the primary image?

4, If you do not see a physical representation of the week ahead? How do you process the thought of the week ahead? Could you write down what you experience?

Send your responces to hesir@hotmail.co.uk – put “minds eye” in the subject heading and your name if possible…

Thanks for your time… any help, even just a few words, would be appreciated.


~ by hesir on July 20, 2011.

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