“All Life is Here” – Walton Street Market & Car Boot – Sunday 17/07/2011

Rain didn’t stop play at Walton Street Market this weekend.

I love drifting around the stalls here, boxes full of mismatched ornaments, wartime magazines and almanacs, veteran Action Men in various states of disarticulation from who knows what back yard war, porcelain dogs chipped and glued, anonymous steampunk brass do-dads…

click to enlarge

Occasionally there will be a good art book or a kids history book that turns up, but I’ve yet to find much in the way of interesting musical instruments, though I did miss out on a Baliliaka a few months back. Bugger.

The other thing I like about it here is the endless Babel-esque brouhaha… the mix and roll of languages and accents… the vendors shouting out their wares, the haggle and depreciative review of the discerning punter, the clamour of the intepunks and bowderkites wanting another fifty-pence for just one more shed-soiled and orphaned plastic robot…

Of course not everyone is happy… the local residents are quite vocal in that respect…

They’ll all bring it up at the next residents meeting…

Truck-Monkey on the other hand…

…says nothing.

Very Zen I’m sure.


~ by hesir on July 18, 2011.

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