Students Creating Compositions from Life Drawings – Park Street 14/07/2011

It’s great to have the time to take a look about the college during this quieter period and be able to walk in on a colleages inspirational class.

We have a group of Foundation Students in at the moment, taking part in a taster, portfolio buiding session before they start their first term in September.

I was asked by Andy Fairbank to pop down as a guest artist and perhaps add my own drawing to one of the large compositions they have been creating, all based on life drawings created in the same room earlier in the week.

To be honest, I think they were doing okay withouty my help so I left them to it, not before snapping a few shots to show you the kind of thing we do here..

Andy Fairbank (far left) and Chris Wiles leading the discussion so far through the process.

The students then get back to work…

While Chris Wiles helps out, showing approaches to dealing “negative space”.

…and Andy continues to discuss the work with the students.

…with the odd practical demonstration…

Some interesting outcomes beginning to emerge…

… I’ll post more when they are further along.


For those of you that are interested some examples of my own life drawing can be found here:

and a digitally coloured drawing…



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  1. […] set of notes, originally devised by myself and my teaching colleague Andy Fairbank as a handout, has been delivered in various forms to a range of students from Btec to Degree […]

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