Masters Proposal – Inc. “A Visual Scheme of Work” – Rough Draft

Okay so expanding upon what I was talking about in my last post, here’s the slightly more filled out version of the Visual SOW (scheme of work)…

“College staff around the country are now easing off from the rush of gathering in work, recording SRF’s and putting up and taking down shows, and are beginning to look towards dissecting last years projects and sessions and putting their heads together (those of us with active communities of practice) to build new (and hopefully improved) schemes of work and session plans…”

Normally I wouldn’t post anything about the paperwork side of things (I really am not Management or Admin material – laughs), but it was interesting to note the difference between a colleagues method of planning and my own.

I’m not a big fan of forms or Excel spreadsheets, I get some sort of “form-blindness”, which at it’s worst brings on a sort of inertia based panic… so to make it easier for myself I built the coming year as I see it in my head (read: minds eye) in SketchUp, so as to give myself a more holistic overview as well as the chance to zoom in on detail…

By see in my “minds eye” I mean literally see…

To me the concept of the week ahead is a visual thing that I picture as I deal with thoughts that involve planning or looking ahead.

The week ahead to me looks roughly like so…

Similarly the the year ahead is simply a version of this but from further away…

It was to this thought model of the year that I used as the basis for a scheme of work…

This is what I’m currently working on and adding more detail too.

Click to Enlarge

So, yeah… it looks a little cluttered from this far out, but the joy of this SketchUp format is that okay, I can get a rough over view of the year like this, but then I can zoom in to look at the detail too…

See… it kinda works… it just seems a little more natural (though I can imagine it’s not for everyone – but that’s the point – Differentiation is key we are told):

The End of Yr 1 – moving into Yr 2


Term 2

Term 3

End of Summer Term and all the madness surrounding the End of Year Show etc.

To Infinity and Beyond!

All the text and notes and colour bands are changable… it’s easier for me to see whats going on than it is on sheets on sheets like this (below):

…which, as I said give me some sort of “form-blindness” (I’m the same with bus timetables and bills).

Using SketchUp the content can be as detailed as you want, I can even if I have time and pictorial reminders into the space, screenshots can be exported as Jpegs when information is finalised and then added to using the PhotoShop “notes” facility.

Of course I’ll have to reduce it all down into an actual spreadsheet form at some point, as admin will need to have it in a form they can handle, ticking their various boxes…

As an intermediary step I have reduced it down to a linear plan, still with colour coding:

but these Visual SOW’s will continue to be working adaptable documents in my own folders long after the spreadsheets have been uploaded to the “Portal”.

I guess, if you all didn’t think I was mental before, you do now right?

You should have seen the Scheme of Work that I had on the wall for my students to engage with last year…

Click to Enlarge

This was on the wall of my base room about 2 meters in height… my College Observers loved it btw…

Here’s my original sketches for it…

…along with a visual showing the original thumbnail for the above and my minds eye view of the year as a returning arc that you can see rendered in SketchUp at the top of this post.

This post probably has links to this previous post – – that looks at the difference between education and training…

And definitely has links to the project in which I am trying to visualise two overviews, one of a Graphic Design and Games Design studio…

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