Planning for next year… WIP

College staff around the country are now easing off from the rush of gathering in work, recording SRF’s and putting up and taking down shows, and are beginning to look towards dissecting last years projects and sessions and putting their heads together (those of us with active communities of practice) to build new (and hopefully improved) schemes of work and session plans…

Normally I wouldn’t post anything about the paperwork side of things (I really am not Management or Admin material – laughs), but it was interesting to note the difference between a colleagues method of planning and my own.

I’m not a big fan of forms or Excel spreadsheets, I get some sort of “form-blindness”, which at it’s worst brings on a sort of inertia based panic… so to make it easier for myself I built the coming year as I see it in my head (read: minds eye) in SketchUp, so as to give myself a more holistic overview as well as the chance to zoom in on detail…

Anyway… this is what I’m currently working on and adding more detail too.

I guess working in this more visual way just makes it all seem more like/related to what I actually do here… (i.e. teaching drawing/CAD/visualisation etc). This is also the kind of thing I want to be looking at should I ever find out about the funding for my MA.

Back at Park Street, School of Art & Design though, it’s actually kind of chilled out as a working environment at the mo’.

There are still first year students about, headphones in, finishing up work… I brought my guitar in today, and it was cool hearing a colleage play (cheers Tom), whilst another colleague, Chris (!/shortboytall on Twitter) is preparing the room ready to hold a stop-motion custom car race around the walls (I kid you not) for the taster days he’ll be running…

All in all, very cool…

~ by hesir on June 28, 2011.

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