“In The End” – The School of Art & Design, Hull Student Show @ Park Street …open ’til the 6th July.

I’m not going wax lyrical over this years end of year show,if you want to see a full journalistic review of the show, head over to Michelle Dee’s Blog (  http://michelledee.wordpress.com/journal/in-the-end-park-street-college-class-of-2011/   ),  suffice to say it’s always great to see the breadth of work and skill-sets demonstrated by some of the students at this level.

Btec and other level 3 courses for the most part are catering for the 16 to 18 year old student, these kids are under pressure from us as tutors, home life, society at large and their college peers and friends not in education, so it is rewarding indeed to see them present work at a show like this that reflects some of the hard work and genuine effort that they have managed to put in in spite of the outside pressures I mentioned.

Some of the Park Street students are mature students and it is also rewarding to see the work of these people who are returning to education, some after many years and revisiting or finding new vocations and outlets for creativity… it’s never too late.

Welcome to some of the work from “In The End”.

There was a hectic few days at the School while the show went up. It’s a make or break character building exercise for both students and staff, what with all the preparing walls, scraping and painting, planning, printing work out, pasting to boards, cutting and then arranging on the walls… but it all got done, some of it just as the first guests where walking through the doors on private view night.

I tweeted most of these images during the opening night and some the following (last) Monday afternoon, here they are again, all in one place this time.

Private View night was packed, a steady flow of guests and visitors coming and going, the foyer and main Long Gallery pretty much full for the full two hours, most guests moving on to the foundation show over at the HSAD building at Wilberforce Drive.

About 200 hundred students where exhibiting (including the Foundation students) this year, some of the work on show included:

Fine Art: This piece by Rebecca Baynes.

Glass and Ceramics: Glass work tasters session work by Fine Art BTec students.

and Master Class Ceramics by Julie Morris.

Graphics by Dominic Dyson (Level 2 Diploma student).

T-shirt Design and Print by Ben Hayes.

Pachyderm Clock Design by Sophie Jenkinson, who also exhibited this great Zoetrope Animation

…as well as this great image/concept (one of my favourite images in the show).

Alex Kaiser built this Traditional 3D Production Design model of a ziggurat that was visible through a spyhole in one of the walls in the Btec 3D design studio.

…other 3D work included students making ready to move on to H.E. courses in Architecture, Design for the Public Realm, and Games Design.

While Level 3 Foundation Degree student Barrie Tomlinson exhibited his Heath-Robinson-esque drawing machines

Great Fun!

Fellow FD (Level 4) student Elizabeth Cawkwell showed some of her beautiful drawings

and these amazing Paintings she derived from them…

This might actually be my favourite peice in the show.

Elsewhere shows could be found showcasing Textiles work (laser cut butterfly work in the centre by National Diploma Textiles student Jade Medcalf)…

Fashion (Btec National Diploma)…

Graphic Design (Btec National Diploma Level 3), more commercial T-shirt designs, these by Ryan Crosby.

Typographic Design…

Photography: This image by Level 3 Btec National Diploma student Stephanie Garrod.

Life Drawing…

Digital Painting and Concept Art for Games by Shayleen Hulbert (Btec Level 3 Extended Diploma).

Event Branding and Graphics by Nancy Hawksworth

…and this crazy Art & Design Movement Timeline showing contextual links with Film, by Nancy and Shayleen’s classmate Bryony Craven (click on the version below for a better look at this great piece of infographics).

Both Bryony and Shayleen contributed to the design for the marketing and promotion of the End of Year Show, Bryony by designing the poster (below showing the back of the poster, the front you can find at the top of this post) and Shayleen by providing the designs for the invites (Blue) to employers to discuss the New Apprenticeships. For more information on all the courses mentioned above and below and the New Apprenticeships, contact:

The School of Art & Design, Hull. Park Street, Hull HU2 8RR, or by calling  01482 598754, or request an application form by contacting Mike Nolan mnolan@hull-college.ac.uk

Nancy Hawksworth and classmate Ryan Kitching recently produced promotional posters for local artist Marcel Craven’s one man show at the Red Gallery, Michelle Dee once again wrote a more in depth review on their blog over at: http://michelledee.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/still-ill-by-marcel-craven-at-red-gallery-hull/ go check it out…

More about my small cohort of Extended Btec Dip students and their leaving to go on to bigger and better things in a post next week.

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