More HellBoy for me soon – Maybe…

It’s probably, along with Bendis & Oemming’s “Powers” ( ) the best Trade Paperback Collected comic on the stands… So beautifully designed, plotted and of course drawn, whether by Mignola or Fegredo (though I have to say I’m not the biggest Corben fan, sorry), I love the treatment of the mythologies it touches on, and I love the new, “made up stuff” that Mignola intertwines so effortlessly into the “real world” myths.

It was great when I hadn’t actually read them all and I could just go and buy the next one or two when I’d finished the previous one, now I have to wait until the next graphic is ready… (can’t cope with buying it issue by issue, that drives me crazier than shit house rat…), but soon maybe – and with more sketches and extra stuff in the back no doubt, great – a new graphic as Fegredo has finished this arc according to his Twitter feed (below)…

I’ve loved Fegredo’s work on Hellboy, I wasn’t sure I was going to when I first thought about it, but its really, really strong… like I said probably one of, if not the best on the stands… and Dave Stewart’s colours are definitely the best out there…

After this though, Mignola himself might take the drawing reigns again… now that should be worth the wait.

~ by hesir on May 18, 2011.

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