Sketchin’ an’ Doodlin’

…been out and about again, sketchin’ an’ doodlin’. First at the Hull & Humber, World Trade Centre business event on Friday, where I talked to visitors about the games design course and the varied project outcomes and potential of the design and technology employed there… but in the quiet moments I doodled some flying vehicles and the like… marker scribbles, detailed with pen…

…that evening, sitting in a bar with a friend, my elbow, over a period of minutes became really painful. No knocks or accidentally banging it, just sitting in the chair… weird.

A while later on a midnight, zombie themed food run to a nameless 24hr superstore…

… I bumped my elbow against another late night shopper, while maneuvering around the humous section or some such, and the pain was horrendous…

By that time my elbow had begun to swell and overheat and resembled my knee…

Fortunately its my left arm… so I was able to distract myself for the rest of the weekend with sketching around the town (following an early morning emergency appointment to get antibiotics), as well as with the lovely food and company of the hullmeetup crew at The Queen G’s home – Moldova and Slovenia’ space pirate should have had that, they were robbed.

So anyway, yeah, I’ve been out and about sketching some more… I’d been down Bankside and Wincolmlee last month…

But it was fun sketching in town too…

…I need to do more of this though, and with a drawing day planned for the summer by a colleague (perhaps dragging a few students out with us) you should see more of the city turning up in here in line… if not in digital colour.

Oh and for those of you with an inclination towards music and performing, there’s a new Open Mic night at the Kings bar in Trinity Square (see above sketch) in Old Town tomorrow – Monday – night.

See you there maybe.

~ by hesir on May 15, 2011.

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