Simple Company Name/Band Name Generator

Ever had a tough time with students or even for yourself coming up with a fictional name for a company or a band to add to a piece of design work?

Give this a try… yeah, I know there are some online but they tend not to be as focused or subject specific as you probably need… you can adapt this to your particular line of thought.

Trust me, I spent a good couple of hours leaning against a bar working this out!

Y’see the the columns need to be very subject specific.

Column 1 – in this case only contains those words that cover Textures, Metals and other Materials, Precious Stones and Flavours… While Column 2 – contains Emotions, Animals, Geographical Features/Weather Events (hurricane/rain/eruption/jungle etc), Flowers, Fruit and Weapons… oh, and appendages… I used tentacle as an example… I’m a Lovecraft fan, sue me…

Click on the image to enlarge.

Anyway, in the mock-up you can see the results…

It might need some tweaking after you get your result, but its better than staring at a blank sheet of paper for an hour…

And you might just have fun trying it.

~ by hesir on April 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “Simple Company Name/Band Name Generator”

  1. I use a similar technique to create the names of people and places in my fantasy fiction. I use Excel (and a great many RAND and CONCATENATE functions) and generate a dozen names at a time.

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