George is an Old French version of an older Italian translation of a Greek name… only really popularised by a German blooded king of England.

Me com swiðeoft on gemynd, hwelce wiotan iu wæron giond Angelcynn, ægðer ge godcundra hada ge woruldcundra; ond hu gesæliglica tida ða wæron giond Angelcynn.

…ond eac ða godcundan hadas, hu giorne hie wæron ægðer ge ymb lare ge ymb liornunga, ge ymb ealle ða ðiowotdomas ðe hie Go ond hu man utanbordes wisdom ond lare hieder on lond sohte; ond hu we hie nu sceoldon ute begietan, gif we hie habban sceoldon.

“Very often it has come to my mind what men of learning there were formerly throughout England, both in religious and secular orders; and how there were happy times then throughout England…”

“…and how people from abroad sought wisdom and instruction in this country; and how nowadays, if we wished to acquire these things, we would have to seek them outside.”

Geðenc hwelc witu us ða becomon for ðisse worulde, ða ða we hit nohwæðer ne selfe ne lufodon ne eac oðrum monnum ne lefdon!

“Remember what punishments befell us in this world when we ourselves did not cherish learning nor transmit it to other men.”

– Alfred the Great.

“If you are going to be a ridiculous jingoist who waves a flag with no thought about its history or context, at least get a friend who can read to help you look up a bit of basic history on Wikipedia first. You might even find yourself a disputed saint’s or an ancient warrior/king’s skirts to rally yourself behind who DIDN’T embody everything you so vehemently claim to hate in lieu of your own lack of moral qualities, self-empowerment or cognitive judgement.”

– G. Sleightholme

…oh and a nod to Shakespeare while we are at it… happy birth and death day…

~ by hesir on April 23, 2011.

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