Snakeskin Stilletto – One-off shoe design… for CD Cover

A photoshopped shoe design, created by pushing and distorting various shoe photos, a shed snakeskin and a several switchblade images… part of a CD cover design, a gift for a friend’s birthday… just a bit of fun really (and it was fun designing a shoe, never thought I’d write that sentence) based on a snippet of conversation. Strangely, when I was pushing the idea for this sleave around in my head, it was the original Foo Fighters album that inspired the simple object on a plain background look, it was only after I’d done it that I looked at the sleeve art for that album and ealised that it was grungier than I remembered… weird.

For those creatives out there really interested in designing shoes you might want to take a look at this site…

…or go take a look at Dave Eccles deviantart page at which you should do anyway, just because…

~ by hesir on April 21, 2011.

One Response to “Snakeskin Stilletto – One-off shoe design… for CD Cover”

  1. Thank you and damn you. Can’t rest until I find someone to make them for me now!

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