Where in Hell/Hull is that? – pt 1

Where in Hell Hull is that?

Hull gets a lot of bad press; wierdly, a lot of that seems to come from people who actually live here…

Yes, the city has problem areas, no doubt linked to education and economy issues but I like living here… and I like to use the city centre as much as I can.

I think Hull is a great looking city, it’s greener than many places I’ve been to or lived in.

It has some great bars and eateries, galleries and museums, a great little music scene if you know where to look, and some fantastic architecture the majority of which gets ignored by people obsessed with saving a point of a point of a penny from their council tax (bye bye Big Screen), or those that seem (like Big Al’s dog) unable to look up and so miss out on much about the city they live in…

I look up a lot… I love the stone carved faces that stare down at the oblivious shoppers around the city, I like the giant sculptures of The Power Of The Sea and Britania on the Law Court buildings…

And I love this:

I posted this on FB last week and asked people who know me to guess where it is… as a prize I offered up a sketch portrait, or a sketch/doodle on the subject of the “winners” choice.

My old friend Matt got it right… The ceiling of the The Dram Shop, on the corner of George Street and Saville Street (formerly known as Wilson’s Corner)…

It’s an amazing peice of work… I heard one storyteller at the bar say it was created by Italian POW’s during the war, but a online history document ( www.rbarnard.karoo.net/Dram%20Shop.pdf ) seems to leave this detail out suggesting it was implemented as part of a late ninetieenth century refurbishment. Regardless its a great looking peice of the city’s heritage. Go in and check it out, tell ’em Gareth sent you… also check out the round bar and the Brass elephants that hold up the rail… similar ones can be found in the Burlington Tavern on the edge of old town and The Queens at the end of “Prinny Ave'”.


So it was, again while wandering about in Hull’s Old Town that I came upon this…

… a little bit of beauty exposed, beneath a damaged bit of plasterwork.

I again offered up a sketch/portrait prize on FB for the first person to identify its location…

After a lot of random guessing and “shouting out” of names, a search on Google streetview (on which it doesn’t appear incidentally – it must have happened since their vans rolled past) and some pretty in depth additional clues we got a winner.

Local Artist, Lesley Binks (see her work on Hull Arts gallery pages on FB) identified it as being one of the upright posts on the (as was) Excise Coffee House, part of the structure of The Olde Corn Exchange public house, on North Churchside beside Trinity Church.

I think this might be the just the start of these Treasure Hunts for Sketches outings… I’ll add the sketches done for the winners in the next post.

Meanwhile, don’t be like Big Al’s dog… try looking up once in a while… g.

~ by hesir on April 12, 2011.

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