Music Graphics – EP/single design – EMILY TURA

Emily Tura is a singer/songwriter born in the midlands and now based in the North in Hull.

As part of a collaboration with Matt Guy*, another local songwriter/performer, for his experimental acoustic/new folk record label, Guy on a Rock Records, I have been helping him with some of the artwork.

*http://www.guyonarock.com – find him on facebook too.

This has expanded to looking at work towards Emily Tura’s first (three track) single for Matt’s label, the artwork for which is in progress, and the first well received (so far so good!) design sheets can be seen below.

I went for the fold out card wrap mostly due to my hatred of those awful and easily damaged jewel cases, but also because in this design I like the slow reveal that comes with it, song by song to the darker elements of the graphics.

The whole set of imagery revolves around two photographs provided by the artist herself. I wanted to get a slightly warmer feel to the image and threw a blending mode across the rose slightly yellowing it like those old 80’s photos that have slightly washed out in the sun. I kept the type simple opting for a typed script (American Typewriter) and kept the artists name lower case, adding the silhouette of the rose I used for the back cover. While working out the details and faffing with the layout I noticed that when the rose was turned upside down it somewhat resembled (nice coincidence – see previous entries on ) a wolf… almost like a wolf fairground ride…

Wait a minute…

How about now, can you see it there? Anyway, so that made me think a little more about the lyrics and and I added the scissor illustrations so as to give the idea that someone was cutting up a the rose (symbolic of so many things) and finding hidden amongst it the wolf peices… if it sounds a little Angela Carter now, well hey, I’m a fan, what can I say…

Anyway it all just fell into place really after that, the hardest part was juggling the page order in my head while I created the mesh for the printed and folded mock-up.

I also took a strip of colour from across the middle of the main rose image. Stretching it and distorting it in Photoshop to create a coloured band that would act as a tie between the inner (more graphic/silhouette heavy) design and outer art.

Of course this kind of packaging might not be as cost effective, its got a complicated net, it would need to be not only cut and folded, but glued as well… so with that in mind here is a cheaper solution.

A simple double sided paper print, folded with the CD slipping between the folds, and all of that slipped into a standard plastic sleeve. No fuss, less breakable than a jewel case and with no need for a back insert.

…and here’s how they finally looked. These early, photocopy friendly versions were double sided and have a mini poster on the reverse.

Oh and here are some images from the Open Mic night at the Adelphi last night… featuring Emily and Matt and others…

~ by hesir on April 12, 2011.

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