Work In Progress – “Betty the Pig” & “We’re gonna need a bigger truck…”

Working on a couple of concept pieces… the brief being “Salvage, teenage kids and make it look French…”

In this sequence I built a bunch of stuff quickly using digital salvage in SketchUp in order to quick start the piece and then like a film director choosing their camera location I eventually chose a couple of view points I liked and began to work them up in Photoshop…

The scene involves two of the kids…

…taking Betty the Pig, the name of their beat up salvage truck to meet a farmer who has a piece of farm equipment to get rid of…

Needless to say… they are “gonna need a bigger truck”.

I also worked this up as a quick fly-through animation scene here:


~ by hesir on April 7, 2011.

One Response to “Work In Progress – “Betty the Pig” & “We’re gonna need a bigger truck…””

  1. Interesting, keep going, eventually I’ll catch up and show you my own stuff for Beached Rockets. are you exporting anything out of Sketch up?

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