Spectacular Bodies Art Exhibition – Private View from 4.30 this evening.

Twenty Hull/York School based Medical Students working over eight days at Park Street School of Art & Design towards an Fine Art exhibition based on drawing the Human Figure.


Art, anatomy and medicine

The work on show is the culmination of an 8-day Student Selected Component run by the School of Art and Design, Hull College, for the Hull-York Medical School.    The course considers links between art, anatomy and medicine and how engagement with drawing and other art activities can change perceptions of elements of professional medical practice.  During the 8 days of the course, 20 1st and 2nd year medical students have developed skills in life drawing, before experimenting with print and other media to create independent pieces of work.  The overarching questions we have been considering together as the course progresses are:

  • What difference does it make to approach subject matter usually dealt with in a professional context from a different perspective?
  • How do the thought processes applied to making work in art and design compare and contrast with those applied in medical contexts?
  • Does an understanding of art and design processes offer new ways of thinking about your own medical practice?

Participating in the course has been a real challenge for all concerned and the process of planning and teaching has been as exciting for tutors as we hope it has been for students.  There have been opportunities for many reflections, even if we have not always reached conclusions.  The students have responded magnificently to the challenge of engaging with an open-ended, creative process to a tight deadline, while the experience has prompted tutors to consider their own practice from a very different perspective.

Though based on an intensive course of life drawing sessions taken by all the students the final outcomes from individuals have proved diverse.

Life drawings brought into Photoshop and digitally painted…

Curious assemblages and sculpted medical instruments…

Conceptual peices based on pharmacology and pharmacutical consumption…

Conceptual installation peices…

Large scale collage…

…and more traditional life drawings…

The exhibition will run in The Long Gallery, School of Art & Design, Park Street, Hull. HU2 8RR from the 5th until the 12th of April, 2011.
The School of Art & Design, Hull can be contacted on: 01482 598 754 http://www.hull-college.ac.uk/index.php?page=park-street

The Private View…

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