Open Mic @ Koo Bar, Newland Ave, Hull – 24/03/2011

Been meaning to post these for a while but my scanner is still packed in a box somewhere under a pile of books that need shelving…

Anyway, here’s some sketches from Koo Bar’s Open Mic Nite ( )… lots of fun had by all… always a pleasure to here my friends Matt and Emily play…

Above are my warm-up sketches and doodles while I waited for the gang to arrive…

Matt Guy of “Guy On A Rock Records” watching Mike Rogers the Open Mics host playing his intro set…

Matt Guy –

Mike Rogers –

Cottingham’s Powerfully voiced (for such a young guy) Dom Hook immpressed onlookers with his set… here followed by Sam from Hull’s own King Revolver…

Matt hits the stage, big powerful sounds, original songs… hair in his face, the works.

… followed by the Siren of Ye Olde Black Boy, Emily Tura… whose pain tinged original songs can come across a little like PJ Harvey sung by Julianne Regan… and how cool is that?

Emily Tura –

Next up was Lui, a great sound… find more at

…followed by Steven and Paula Jackson whose cover of First Cut stopped me in my tracks, great voice…

Paula singing a track with host Mike Rogers… before Ben Sonnex finished up the evening music…

On a related note I bought furniture… which is nice as it get these beauties off the sofa…


~ by hesir on April 4, 2011.

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