Games Design – Futuristic Racing Bike Concept

Created using SketchUp and some simple “cookie-cut” compound curved shapes, and adding in hybridised and altered engine parts, “Kit-Bashed*” from Phantom Fighter Jet wings and wheels found on Googles 3D warehouse*… I took the result and threw it into Photoshop and coloured over the original which I had dropped back to greys using the Hue/Saturation Tool.

Then I added the skull and crossbones, natch!

*SketchUp Warehouse Kit-bash acknowledgements:

  • F-4 Phantom – by Wilson
  • Chopper Motorbike v6 6-cilinder big wheel chopper – by Nick Bloemert
  • Mini Gun – by LastShadow117
  • Jet Engine – by Mattster
  • NEG WANA Speed 10712K – by Gontrand

~ by hesir on March 26, 2011.

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