Updated Recommended Reading List (Comics too)

My “Recommended Reading List” over on my Deviantart site: for those that might be interested – updated today!


Novels, Comics, some links to writers sites…

Go on! Be a reader! Sit in bars and cafes, on buses and trains; reading to freak out the illiterate…

Going now, bye.

~ by hesir on February 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Updated Recommended Reading List (Comics too)”

  1. Hang on, say the illiterate, some of those are comics, hey that’s not reading, that’s just looking..I can do looking..no, my head hurts.

    ‘I read a book once, didn’t like it’
    Is the general answer you get from students, who give up on trying new things so quickly, yet they eat pizza with tandoori chicken on it.

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