The (he)Art of the Gig Poster

I think I mentioned in a previous post that during last year I fell in love with the art of Olly Moss, Jason Munn and Jay Ryan… something that inspired an out-bursting of poster designs, some just for fun and some for local venues and events.

I love the idea of producing a poster that even surprises the venue or the band, perhaps seeing something in a name or a lyric that inspires an image that someone closer to it hadn’t seen, but now relates to…

Well, here’s a couple more pieces in that vein … New posters for Ye Olde Black Boy, recruiting musicians to come out of the closet and use the venue…

The poster above was just a nice excuse to break all the rules you learn about type and see how far I could push the legibility without losing the audience or the point… the one below a little more traditional… I wish I’d illustrated the instruments looking back rather than just working over some of my photos…

Whats really cool is that one of my students has now got the bug and is designing posters for some of the bands playing there… and so far his efforts have been well received… Check out his work at:

…and his wider portfolio at:

~ by hesir on January 25, 2011.

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