Frozen Fountain – Hull City Centre 20/12/10

Just thought I’d share this… heard someone mention that the Queens Gardens Fountain had started to freeze in last nights cold snap while standing in the Dram Shop around the corner… thought I’d take a look.

Spectacular… particularly love where the freezing water is gradually following the splash away from the vertical (see bottom right image).

~ by hesir on December 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Frozen Fountain – Hull City Centre 20/12/10”

  1. they make lava fountains in Hull?

    • It would seem so… I nearly froze my hand to the railing taking this photograph… There was a guy just out of shot with a tripod and camera from some official place whose expensive magic light collecting box had frozen and stopped working… Thank god for my cheap piece of crap from Argos.

  2. It just needs somebody with some fancy rendering software to put those lights to music

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