#hullmeetup – Hull’s Twitterati Rant, Chat and put the digital world to right.

Saturday afternoon, 3pm, Walters Bar on Scale Lane, and bunch of mobile media enthusiasts get together and shoot the breeze…

#hullmeetup is a regular event hosted at various venues in which Hull’s Twitter community get together… http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23hullmeetup

Everyone who tweets/tweeps/twirps and chirrups is welcome, updates of venue changes and arrivals are sent out live via Twitter, photos even make it out, before the first pint is dispatched…

Conversations from Education to Cthulhu, home made Red Wine to the obvious broadband issues in the city were noted.

Attendees included: @neon_apotheosis ; @gooddrfox ; @kittecat74 ; @ethan jim ; @jardantsangJ98 ; @impression11 ; @BenCasablancas ; @MrMeggy ; @Geordanuk ; @human_is ; @Ramtops ; @Perimonger ; @dazzar86 ; @RayDuff

…and yours truly @hesir

Simply seaerch #hullmeetup on Twitter for updates… and see you all next month.

~ by hesir on December 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “#hullmeetup – Hull’s Twitterati Rant, Chat and put the digital world to right.”

  1. Hi Hesir

    Spoke you last night at the INKWELL at LAMP.
    Really like your illustration artwork the blogs.

    I’ve got a website, but its not been updated in a very long time, so the best place to see examples of my work is on the following:



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