Snapper 52 – “Claw Their Names”.

Snapper 52, AKA Illustrator/Muralist and Mini Comic Artist Alan Clough just got back from the Leeds Comic Con, and seemed pretty pleased with his time there… He’d got himself a creator table and had been selling and promoting his Mini-Comics.

The latest two of which are called “They Are Aware Of Each Others Presence”, and “Claw Their Names” which can be seen below along with Alan’s blog on screen…

“Claw Their Names” has a page of my art in there too… namely the short strip “Cute but Crazy” featuring a couple of recognisable phizogs (I’ll get you a copy Andrew) and a recognisable situation too.

It also features the excellent “Snowman and Polar Bear”…

If you want to see more of Alan’s work, check out his blog at:

And if you want a copy of your very own of “They Are Aware Of Each Others Presence” or “Claw Their Names” or any of Snapper52’s mini-comic work, contact him directly at:

~ by hesir on November 22, 2010.

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