Illustration Jam

Okay this is an idea that came about having been an illustrator for some time and basically wanting to meet up with others of a like profession from the local area. Beyond that to work as a marketing opportunity for us enabling us to place ourselves in front of local businesses and buyers of illustration.

Basically Illustration Jam will hopefully be a loose, social confederacy of working illustrators from the Hull (Kingston-Upon-Hull) and East Yorkshire region (we have four or five of us on board already).

The idea is that there will be a blog (a dedicated one separate to this one, with four or five admin) that updates this illustration community with things going on of an interest to us. Occasional informal meet-ups to chat and socialise and discuss all things illustration. Then maybe broaden it out to include the odd event aimed at showing off our work, and putting us in a face to face position with local Illustration buyers as well as running workshops for kids who have an interest in illustration but have been perhaps told to do something useful instead (just as I was by my school careers adviser)…

This is the first mock up of a possible quarterly review/showcase… this will hopefully include personal and portfolio work from the contributing illustrators as well as perhaps reviews of local exhibitions, local implementation of illustration and document the informal meet-ups etc… perhaps even have a page in their for the students who have yet to get their first commission…

It’s still a work in progress, but I hope to announce our first informal meet-up around Christmas time…

Meanwhile check out:

~ by hesir on November 11, 2010.

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