Animation Tests 2 – An Uneasy Dream

Okay so this is really pulled together with the drawing I did and “boiled” in Photoshop, along with a bunch of images I already had in my portfolio…

As I wrote on the description on Youtube, this is “unlovely, and really just a stylistic test for something else I’ll probably never get around to… Just trying to get back into this animation thing as a practitioner (not that there is any real animation in this – just boiling and key-framing really)…

Made in my sketchbook, Photoshop, edited in Premier, sound recorded and edited in Audacity”.

Below is the pencil sketch of the guitarist before tweaking in Photoshop (I simply used two different settings of the cutout filter, so no great effort on my part there) to give me two frames to boil… I had added a sepia wash in Photoshop also…

Here are the two frames, you can see slight variations… around the mouth and glasses etc, which not only give the effect of “boiling”* the basically still image

*Boiling – An animation term – see or watch an episode or two of “Rhubarb & Custard” for details – (laughs).

Plus some of the little cutouts I overlaid on frames to give the hand and finger movement (although the only finger to actually change shape was the little finger which curls a bit).

The other images where mainly (with the exception of the guitarists room – which was a hastliy drawn doodle in my sketchbook, scanned and blatted** with the cutout filter a couple of times) grabbed from my existing personal work, “Clare on the Dunes” and “Down to the Walnut Tree Shades” (below) done back when I was a student in Norwich, and the image of Justine an even earlier image from my Btec days which just keeps hanging around wanting to be used somewhere… perhaps it will find a home here.

** Not so much a technical animation term.

In the title sequence you see a very abstracted version of the image above (with boiled text overlaid) transform into something more recognisable… That was created the same way as I created the boiling effect on the guitarist and other images, i.e. using varying setting of the “Cutout” Filter in Photoshop…

Anyway, watch this space… I may yet finish this properly… (laughs)

All music – composed and performed by Trudy’ Ruby Monkey

~ by hesir on November 10, 2010.

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