The Albino Eternal Champion, last of a long dead race…

So also on my drawing board at the moment waiting for some time to do it justice is an illustration (just for fun) of Elric of Melnibone… The pale-skinned, misanthropic warrior created by Michael Moorcock.

I picked up a copy of “Stormbringer” the last of the Moorcock books to feature Elric, and the one in which he finds out more than he wants to about the dreadful, symbiotic sword he carries (the sword gives its name to the book)…

So rather than it just killing time for me while I waited for my laundry to finish it sparked another project…

I started with a couple of sketches, a rough scenario taken from the book, where Elric has returned to the ruined empire of Melnibone, and sits brooding on a palace terrace, sword in hand. I looked to Lawrence Alma-Tadema ( ) for inspiration (You should be able to see an image of his open in a book on my drawing board lower down this post) for the ruined palace… I just love his paintings of milky marble, architecturally stunning pieces.

I then worked up the sketch a little more and doodled a quick portrait. I wanted to capture some of that Iggy Pop/Lance Henrickson gauntness and pathos… rather than go for the angelic looking face that earlier renditions of the character seem to have portrayed… I wanted something a little alien…

After that it was time to draw it up full size, and work out a few of the other details… I loved the fact that the sword was in the end revealed to be the physical manifestation of a demonic entity and I wanted the design of the sword to reflect that… so I spent a little bit of time toying with the hilt and pommel of the sword, trying to work in imagery that suggested the sword housed this great devouring spirit (the sword is described as having a five foot blade in the book) and that whoever trapped it in there devised a likeness of the demon and its modus-operandi on this deadly reliquary.

So you might be able to see the demon on the pommel sucking in the tendrils of a soul (the strips that make up the knuckle guards) in the drawings below…

I’m not sure when I’ll get around to finishing this but it’s staying on the drawing board until I do, if only to stop me from starting something else…


~ by hesir on October 26, 2010.

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