More Tentacles… and faces too.

Bigger than normal doodles are starting to appear in my bigger than normal sketchbook…

Including some self portraits: This first one looks like I was not having the greatest of days however…

This next one is better…

So much so that I decided to colour it… so scanned it and flung it into PhotoShop and coloured it up using a different technique than I usually use… no soft, or airbrush style brushes… just ragged edged brushes and using the selection tool to grab straight edged areas and then darkening or lightening them using the Hue/Saturation tool…

I think it gives it a slightly more painterly look… must investigate further. I was pretty pleased with this outcome.

Oh and then this…

The eyes are self-portraiture… the rest… well maybe we all feel like that some days…

And the sea, it calleth me…!!!


~ by hesir on October 26, 2010.

One Response to “More Tentacles… and faces too.”

  1. I love this stuff Gareth…hope this message finds you well, lots of love Jonas Graile

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