Black Boy Open Mic Nite – 13/07/10

So following the poster contribution…

I went along and did some doodles.

Daniel Mawer, the first man up gave a belting performance, ascerbic love songs, performed with zeal and passion, somewhere between the anger of Damian Rice’s more aggressive performances and the dark violent undertones of Robert Smith’s (The Cure) lyrics… a great opening set.

Matt our host for the evening (in the hat – below), treated us to some of his own songs and some covers…

Daniel Taylor – who was I have to say, excellent… blew everbody away with his delicate folk/spanish hybrid sound, shades of Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake (apparently his flute playing accompanist was elsewhere, and imagine that would have perhaps added to such comparisons), all overlaid with a really unique guitar sound… If you get a chance to see this young musician play take it, you won’t be disappointed… and why no sounds online Dan?

After Dan finished, the evening settled down to a more informal gathering of musicians playing and jamming together, encouraging those that wouldn’t get up onto that scary stool at the front to take part…

…in particular Emily (insert last name here) who’s excellent voice should be heard more, maybe next time… and maybe even some of Dan W’s poetry too.

Again a great night of music, in a really great little venue… looking forward to the next one.

~ by hesir on July 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Black Boy Open Mic Nite – 13/07/10”

  1. love this stuff, im the first performer. thankyou for taking the time and effort to do this its great. a really nice night!

  2. The first set of drawings (unknown singer) was Daniel Mawer

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