Tuesday@theTAP – 06/07/10

More good music down @ the Tap.

Last nights headliner was Joe Solo, currently out of Scarborough, but an ex-resident of Park Street, with song lyrics that tell us so.

Described (pretty accurately) as a cross between Woodie Guthrie and Joe Strummer, he stomped and strummed through a set of bluesy edged protest songs that both laid you low (It Takes A Worried Man) and then got the blood up (Tom Paines Bones)… well worth a listen.

After Joe’s headline act came the Open Mic segment of the night with Tap regulars, Rob Nicklas;

Richard Woolicane;

and Val Marshall;

…at the end of the night we got to see late arrivals (picnic in tow) Dyslexic Kid perform a fist full of songs…

This was my first time seeing the band, though they appeared to have played the Tap before… in this acoustic night set up they veered from prog’ folk to full on rock/metal crossover, with powerful and angst-laden vocals that at times put me in mind of an aggressive Siouxie.

All in all a top night, and some more doodles in the new Moleskin…

Links to the venue and acts below:


Some video footage from these live events can be found at my,   http://www.myspace.com/trudysrubymonkey site.

~ by hesir on July 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “Tuesday@theTAP – 06/07/10”

  1. Great doodles, s’good watching you beavering away whilst the rest of us look on!!! Keep up the good work, see you again soon.

  2. Woolicane……Richard that is!

  3. love the pictures of Dyslexic kids 🙂 wondered what you was doodling and find them brilliant all of then are

  4. yourwelcome

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