Mermaids & Other Female Monsters – part 1

I’ve been thinking about pulling work together for a stand alone exhibition… Something I’ve not really done before. I’ve had work on permanent and temporary display in museums and visitor attractions and centres all over the place, but never an exhibition of personal work.

Anyway, my interest in comparative mythology and the sea led me to write one of the chapters of the book/novel I’ve been dabbling at for the last couple of years (isn’t everyone?) about mermaids… well one in particular (having worked over there a couple of times, but mermaids in general popped up.

Then in some of my other artwork, Sphinx(s? is it plural and singular? i think it might be) started to appear, add to that the discovery in one omy books that describes the Chimera as female (along with the other obvious ones Lilitu, Charibdis, Echidna, etc) and you can see where the title of this post came from…

Anyway that’s going to be the subject of my first collection I think… I’ll keep you posted.

~ by hesir on June 25, 2010.

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