The Great New Minimalists…

Just recently as you might have noticed I’ve been obsessing with poster ideas…

Mostly this has come about following my falling in love with the work of Jay Ryan whose work you can see at: … or in a youtube interview, ;

Jason Munn, again whose work you can find here , as well as  in a youtube interview at ;

… and all the young new minimalist graphic designer/poster artists out there including the UK’s own Olly Moss, (check out his page FILMS IN BLACK AND RED) whose excellent movie poster reworkings you might have seen in the pages of Empire magazine.

To see some of the others check out this excellent post on covering the best of the rest of the minimalist movie posters creators…

All of which hark back to the great work of Saul Bass and those excellent classic Penguin edition covers…

I love this stuff… especially those Hitchcock posters by Matt Needle, and am currently thinking hard about using this as the inspiration for setting up some quick fire college projects for students…


~ by hesir on June 11, 2010.

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