final poster design – end of year show

Okay so I produced a couple more poster ideas for the students end of year show… and due to the students not being around at the point where the posters need printing the management here are running with one of mine…

I’ve also added the page from my sketchbook where all the hard work actually happened (on the train on the way back from Manchester)…

Oh and the one they ran with…?

Below, inc private view invite design.

Final Artwork created in Illustrator, text turned to outlines. The vector art of the rucksack and the portfolio case used in the final artwork was created by my colleague Chris Faill, cheers, Chris.

~ by hesir on June 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “final poster design – end of year show”

  1. you should do a follow up and include a student loans repayment statement and a puddle of tears.

    • … yes but how to graphically represent the drink fueled ideology addled friendship killing arguments and personal debasement through meaningless interpersonal relationships?


  2. just use the puddle of tears with a reflection of a sad face, a bear mat with a ring stain and a telephone leaking phone numbers, or some such nonsense.
    But there is another side; some people meet their spouses, some get friends for life, some make useful contacts, some do work that enhances their careers, some achieve things that have a positive effect on the lives of others, some gain an insight and perspective on the world and their place in it and some just get a bizarre rash.
    Still trying to overcome the inner cynic..

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