Ringing Endorsments…

If you look at any of the marketing/self promotional networking sites out there they will always recommend that you get some kind of endorsement from clients past and present…

Lately, I’ve been thinking of getting out of the more “corporate” based markets I’ve worked in over the years, and focussing on more “pure illustration” projects. It makes sense in that I’ve got less time what with the focus of my working week being dominated by my teaching.

I think some of my clients have begun to be aware of this. The only thing that will keep me in it is working with clients that actually appreciate the work I do…

 And it seems some of them do. The ringing endorsement below arrived in an e-mail this week…

 “Thanks… I know this kind of stuff you hate …and its not as creatively inspiring as the visual work you do, but unfortunately your bloody good at it and until you become s**t, I will keep pestering you.”

                                                      – Anonomous client

It just made me smile…

 Hi, I’m Gareth, I draw for a living…

~ by hesir on April 10, 2010.

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