reTROsponse – revisited

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the exhibition by the students of the 3D design for the Public Realm and Textile students based at HSAD in Hull, exhibited at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull….

Below are some of the images from the opening night of the exhibition (as promised). All the furniture (created using card only inspired by 60’s Tomatom furniture) and textile designs where inspired by work seen in the Shirley Craven & Hull Traders Exhibition, again at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull.


Above, the Chair created by Gary Morgan that eventually inspired the poster for the show.

Below, as you can see, the opening event was very well attended… lots of wine and snacks to accompany the culture, a really good evening out.

well attended

Gary also produced this table design (below) as part of his “family” of designs.

Table - Gary 001

…Sue’s Screen (below).

Sue Screen

Some examples of the textile students work…

Textiles 2

Chris’s irreverent “Boobalier” design was a favourite and now hangs as a permanent feature on the Mezzanine Bridge in the HSAD building at Queens Gardens…

Boobalier 002

And (below) another shot of the “Boobalier”…

Boobalier 001

More Textile students work…

textiles 003

Kat’s Shelves, partly inspired by the 60’s anti-establishment/peace movement…

Shelves Kat

Prints, again produced by the Textile Students…


Coral, produced this elegant lamp…

Lamp Coral

Lilly’s Rocket themed Children’s Storage Shelves…

Lilly Shelves

Alim’s Shelves/Desk-top Storage System inspired by his investigations into the Fibonacci number sequence…

Shelves - Alim

Danni created this Chair Design, with cushioned seat made using rolled up card tubes, and covered in a handmade “Tongue” throw.

Chair Danni

Rachael’s flower-power inspired ceiling light looked great, seeming to change shape as you moved around the space…

Light Rachael 2

Rachael’s light again…

Light Rachael

A good night had by all, especially the students who got a taste of designing their first Exhibition…

Exhibition 001

The first of many I’m sure.

~ by hesir on March 2, 2010.

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