Angry Picketers

One of the projects I’ve completed recently was this illustration of “angry, shouting picketers” for Manchester’s People History Museum project… To see more about the larger museum project visit

Miners 02x with comparisson images

The above images show the pencil sketch, one of the submitted visuals and its position in the exhibit. The original brief asked for “cartoony” imagery, the original initial rough sketches were much more cartoon styled than this mid level sketch (I’ll post them later perhaps).

Below you can see the final illustration (actual size would be about 2 meters).

As you can see if you compare the early images with the final one below, one of the figures transmuted at the last moment into a woman (far right), this change came from the client.

The boards/placards were originally going to be left blank, for the exhibit designers to add whatever they wanted, but it was felt that perhaps the images would hand together better if the imagery for the boards was also produced by myself in the same style as the rest of the image.

Miners 05xxx

~ by hesir on February 26, 2010.

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