So… What is this all about?

Well, I’m a Creative Consultant (oh, right, someone who draws well but has delusions of grandeur and can’t say no to interesting work even if he hasn’t strictly done it before);

Home Photo

…with what amounts to over 15 years experience in a number of industries & markets. Including experience of hands-on production of illustration (mostly Historical Illustration it must be said), Graphic Design for display & print, Production Design for exhibition, museums, visitor attractions & film. I have lectured in Animation at NSAD, Norwich, UK.


I recently moved from Essex where I worked as a creative director for a company who designed and built exhibition stands, retail interiors and special projects for corporate clients like Orange, Virgin Atlantic, Sony Ericsonn etc. Moving back to East Yorkshire (Kingston upon Hull) where I grew up (actually Withernsea) and am currently employed a lecturer at Hull College of Art & Design (teaching drawing for 3D, CAD – Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Premier etc) on the 3D design and Games design courses as well as being course leader on the new Creative & Media diploma.

I also continue to freelance for the visitor attraction and heritage industry.


I’m an active member of humberMUD a local networking group.

Humber Mud Logo

Likes and dislikes… ?


I’m also a bit of what Bill Hicks would have called “a reader”… Recommended Novels? Well for what it’s worth, anything by Jonathan Carroll, Mike Carey, Robertson Davies, Joe R. Lansdale, Andrew Vachss, Martin Millar, China Meiville, Neil Stephenson etc… a fuller but by no means comprehensive list can be found here…

I love movies… long, short, live action, animated… Recommended movies? Well, here’s a start…

You can also find some stuff I’m working on myself in a very small way at my YouTube account…

Music? Well, live… a bunch of local live bands/acts usually… back in Essex these included Elfed (El) Hayes,

Me and El fixing his balalaika… it’s a russian mandolin… honest.

Others… Steve Forward, Jonas Graile, Ella (Hayes) & The Fellas, Koopa (bless ’em) and the excellent Hoxton Hoboes and the sublime Jaap and Emma… Now I’m back up here in Hull though, Adrian Byron-Burns plays the sort of stuff I like, and the guys that I’ve seen play at Tuesday at the Tap, the excellent (though ill-named in my opinion) Pig Sty who look and sound like a cross between The Afghan Whigs, and a Mexican Western soundtrack…

I also got to see this guy perform at the Tap on Spring Bank…

…fantastic. If you like that, go check out Andy Mckee – Drifting on YouTube… beautiful.

Other than that listening to Accuradio’s Twang Station a lot particularly their Insurgent Country Station… At Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, plus Passenger, Down, The Decemberists, Soulsavers, 16 Horsepower, Jay Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Wovenhand, Strawfoot, Tom Waits, Pale Septembre by Camille and if you can find it the beautiful “Kittiwake” by Norwich band MyVisor, William Elliot Whitmore, Johnny Dickenson, and it goes on and on…

I have a crack at music myself here and there and have been known to get up at a couple of low key open mic nites around the city… I have a myspace page with original music on there too should you feel the urge to punish yourself…

Some links to my design/illustration work as posted on DeviantArt can be found

Or my larger working portfolio on Coroflot:

So… that’s me in a rather large and awkwardly shaped nutshell… sort of like something you’d find in the South American Rain Forest… most definitely inedible, maybe it makes you tilt your head to the side to look at it, curiously, but your still not curious enough to pick it up…

I digress.

So what will I be putting up here?

Anything and everything that interests me that I think might interest others.

Stuff about art, illustration and design, interesting and inspirational sites, cool film trailers, short animations, links to great music, articles that inspire, enrage and otherwise engage me…

I hope that’s okay with you.

~ by hesir on October 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “So… What is this all about?”

  1. Great stuff here, I’m a graphic designer with an extreme love of movies, art and design. Glad to have another like minded individual aboard the blogosphere.

  2. Excellent Mr G,
    There you go, a blog of your very own. Couldn’t bring myself to do a blog, it’d eventually turn into a rant or a collection of things that I overheard on the tube;
    Or when I read about ‘Griffin; accuses man of racism’ and I just thought of Griffons, which are pretty mixed race/species but it turned out to be the BNP guy, so they should of put a picture in to help the deluded who thought mythical beasts may take people to court.
    Tonight’s tube classic; two young actors talking about Harry Potter (I think one or both were filming the last one recently).
    ‘ He’s only 5ft 2!’
    ‘Yer, but he’s only 18 or something’
    ‘Well he’s not going to get any bigger’

    Then they said how nice the actor who plays Draco was, but it turned out to be a ruse. As one said how he fancied Draco’s mum, who’s fit for an older woman, the other one wasn’t so sure his friend should be trying to chat her up (I checked, she’s the same age as me, yes she is attractive, I’d say give it a go lad, everyone should date a sexy older woman).
    They then spoke about the coloured tape in the dressing room and speculated that if you didn’t have red and green or just orange then you wouldn’t be required any more. See they confused me and themselves as to if they were returning to work.

    etc, etc,

    A guy was beaten to death when his girlfriends halloween hat was grabbed off her by a gang, now this happened not far from work and has me thinking I’m not moving there.

    Then I saw Bob Hoskins turn the lights on at St Pauls (not on purpose, I just walked past it)

    See, not an exciting blog.

    • Who’s to say this won’t drift that way anyway… It seems highly likely. Perhaps I’m pacing myself.

      As for a blog from you I’m sure you’d be in the wordpress top ten within two or three posts… I’d read it.

      Weirdly one of the first script ideas I ever wrote out was an inane conversation from two people on the tube and one of them was a vile, hateful man called Griffon… now if that doesn’t justify the name of this blog I don’t know what would… wait ’til I do my first movie review.



  3. we’re honored to have made your list of musicians, and pleased to make your acquaintance…

    • Hi, So which one on the list are you… I found no mention of your musical alter ego on the the link I followed (albeit briefly – laughs)… but absolutely… pleased to meet you.


    • Ah… found it… Your the chaps from Strawfoot. We have spoken before… You might remember me better as “Trudy’s Ruby Monkey” from myspace… I love your stuff.


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